KDNC is a customer experience consultancy. We help with business processes that are outwardly visible and customer impacting. Our goal is to remove obstacles, and give you back time to focus on the core offerings of your business.

Startups need customer service on day zero, and a plan to scale that service as they grow. There are a multitude of pitfalls along the way: rampant chargebacks jeopardizing relationships with payment processors, fraudulent customer claims taxing profit margins, CRM holes that fail to meet the requirements of regulators.

Our strength lies in establishing and optimizing strong customer operations platforms via comprehensive and actionable plans. We build and launch customer service from the ground up, expand operations into new markets, and complete audits and remediation plans for current problem areas.

As a small team, we dedicate time to understand your business and provide personalized solutions. Our uniqueness is that we will execute our solutions and be with you till the project is completed. 

We do this work because we love it, we have fun with the process and crave the challenge. Head over to our Services page to learn more about our offerings.