Kirk Kirschenbauer (CEO)

Kirk founded KDNC LLC to help startups excel in building, optimizing and managing their Customer Operations platform. He has built companies from the ground up, and has played a senior management role in the sale of multiple startups.

Kirk has held leadership positions in both large commercial and nonprofit organizations (Mattel, Sega, AYUSA) and has extensive VP level experience with venture backed startups. His expertise lies in Product and Customer Operations Management. He has a successful track record in building organizations and teams, driving process and productivity improvements, and achieving revenue, customer, and business development goals.

Kirk’s goal is to bring KDNC clients a seamless internal customer operations business platform that allows founders and company leaders to focus on their products. 


Daniah is an international management professional with experience in quality, compliance and regulatory preparation, strategic problem solving, project management, data analysis, relationship development, and organizational change management.

She has a Master in Finance and Management from The University of Exeter, UK and speaks 6 languages. Some of her achievements include designing an insurance strategy that resulted in more than 10% growth for her customer, and creating a strategic glidepath to move teams from low performing KPIs (60%) to 85% KPIs in less than 90 days. She also generated a 60% cost reduction for the Insurance Operations Department through end-to-end implementation of a customer experience project. She has successfully navigated through multiple audits, including both the BSI and FDA.


Skylar is the definition of a challenge seeker. After graduating with an architecture degree from UC Berkeley, he worked in design and project management in the architecture and engineering fields. During this time, he dealt with high end design, high value project management, client negotiation strategy, and relationship management.

He later made a career switch and joined the customer operations team of the renowned international E-Cigarette company in San Francisco. While working there some of his notable achievements included revising the inventory allocation strategy to prioritize high-value customers, and launching the first ever recycling program for the vape industry. He was instrumental in policy changes that reduced overall reverse logistics cost for the company by 30%. He was able to streamline the ecommerce platform’s order update process and customer communication, which reduced customer issue contact rate by 10%.